Nicky Renwood is an igroomhub co-founder, Certifier for International Professional Groomers (IPG), Owner of Australian Dog Grooming School, Barkers Dog Groom Software and Crackin Dog Grooming. In 2003 Nicky opened Australian Dog Grooming School, which was the first registered grooming school in Australia. Nicky has certified and trained Dog Groomers all over the world and within Australia. Nicky has been awarded many Best in Shows for grooming in Australia & New Zealand. Nicky has represented Australia on three occasions with Dogs International throughout her career, placing highly on the international stage.

Natalie West is a co-founder of igroomhub and a strong advocate for quality education within the grooming sector. Natalie’s career began 25 years ago when she embarked on a grooming course with Australia’s only Master Groomer at the time, Daphner Calendar. Following 3 years at Victorian Dog Grooming School, Nat set about developing her craft at various pet shops, salons and Veterinarian clinics, eventually opening her own salon, Doggy Dooz, in 2001.

Nat has enjoyed many years as an educator. In 2005 Nat’s second business, Dog Diversity Grooming School was launched. Many groomers have come through the doors at Dog Diversity and enjoy stellar careers as a result. From Nat herself, “Passion will only take you so far, education and training is the key to a successful grooming career."

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